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Chocolate Macaroons / Haystacks

I saw these the other day over on Suzie the Foodie and knew right away that I had to make some! These were my favorite treats when I was a kid, and I'd never made them before. My mom always called them "Chocolate Macaroons", but most of the kids I knew called them "Haystacks". I knew my boys would love them so I went right to the kitchen and started into it. It went really quickly - less than a half an hour from the point when I decided I was going to make them, until I was done. And that included getting the ingredients out of the cupboard, measuring them, and so forth.

You do not bake these cookies - you just make up the chocolate mixture first in a pot on the stove, then mix in the dry ingredients. I tried a batch reducing the amount of sugar but they did not set up properly, so if anyone has any ideas on how to reduce the sugar without that happening, I'd love to hear it. Typically they have coconut in them, which is how my mom made them, but I wanted to do it without coconut. I've read you just use all rolled oats, but I used flaked barley instead of the coconut.

Dark Chocolate Cake

This recipe needs no fancy name. It’s flavour and moistness speak for themselves. This cake was a staple of childhood celebrations in my house while growing up — it makes a fabulous base for Black Forest Cake, but is also excellent with chocolate cream cheese icing and cinnamon hearts.

Of course, if I were to give it a fancy name, I’d probably call it “Triple Layer Fudge Cake”.. or something like that. ;)

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