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Dunkles - Bavarian Dark Lager

It has been a marathon week - 3 batches of beer in 5 days! I want to get the stockpiles up while I'm still unemployed - start the new job on May 1st. My first 4 batches so far this spring have been "quick" beers - from very quick beers like Hefeweizen and Belgian Wit which can be ready to drink a mere week after brewing, to relatively quick beers like the Stout I made last Friday, which can be ready to drink in as little as 2 weeks after brewing. All of these of course to get the stockpiles up quickly.

Now it was time for a slow beer. Something that will take 3 to 5 weeks to ferment, and then require another 5 to 8 weeks of lagering at near freezing temperatures. I knew I'd brew a lager, I just wasn't sure until this morning just what type of lager. But I recalled that I had a fair amount of German Weyermann Dark Munich Malt on hand, which is a base malt that has enzymatic power to convert starches to sweet sugars for the yeast. So I decided upon a Dunkles!

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