Tomato Sauce

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Home Made Hamburger Helper

Yeah, I know, the proper name is "Goulash", and I already did an article and video on this a few months ago. That does not change the fact that this is one of my all-time favorite meals both for its simplicity and yumminess! It is especially yummy when you use good quality local organic beef like I do, bought directly from a local farmer and good friend. And of course home-canned tomato sauce. I checked my inventory and I still have 3 x 750ml jars from 2005 which are getting to the end of their shelf-life, so I used one of those. And I also only use whole wheat pasta for anything I make, so that it will be as healthy as possible.

This is as easy to do yourself as hamburger helper(tm) ever was, but far more fulfilling. And better for you too.

Basic Pizza

It is astonishingly easy to make your own pizza - surprising that not more people do it. And in fact it can also be rather healthy when done right. I always make a whole wheat crust - you can find my basic dough recipe here.

Simply roll out your dough, top with your favorite tomato sauce - spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce, does not really matter. We don't even add herbs and spices and just go with what is in the sauce and meat. Add your sauce, add your meat, add your grated cheese, then optional items like the few olives we add in this video. This is just a very basic pizza shown here, but obviously you could add whatever you want like green or red peppers, mushrooms, and so forth.

Cabbage Roll Casserole

Like the taste of cabbage rolls but hate the effort of making them? This recipe provides all the flavour with a fraction of the work! I like to add a bit of cayenne for extra kick.

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