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Mexican "Cooked" Egg Nog

This recipe has made every person who says "I don't like egg nog" change their mind. Note that this is best when it is allowed to sit for at least 8 days.

Chocolate Zucchini Cake

Here is a great recipe that my wife got from the Harrowsmith cookbook. She is still tweaking it and will post her final version when done. In the meantime she says that her variation is to omit the orange rind, and add instead 1/4 - 1/2 tsp cardamom. The last cake she made, which I served at our weekly CSA pickup since it was made with zukes from our CSA Saffire Farms, she even added 1/2 cup of teff (an Etheopian grain) for the extra nutrition -- it added the teeniest little crunch, which was rather nice. She has also used up to 2.5 cups of zucchini in this recipe and it has worked fine.

The kids love this stuff - even after knowing it has so much zucchini in it. Indeed, you'd never guess. It simply tastes like a really awesome chocolate cake.

Sweet Potato & Squash Custard

This is a variation on my traditional squash pie, made for Thanksgiving and Christmas — my oldest likes the filling so much, that I thought doing it as simply a custard and adding in the sweet potato would give it a bit more of a nutitional punch without the extra fat that the pastry can bring.

I will tweak this a little the next time I make it and substitute honey for the brown and white sugars.

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