What's brewing?

Hey folks, I noticed a few familiar usernames that followed me over from my brewing site - thanks for coming along for the ride!

So I thought I'd kick things off here.

I just got the brew season going about a week and a half ago - I usually start with a Hefeweizen or 2 just because they are ready to drink so quickly. So I did my first 100% wheat, and followed it up with a 50/50 wheat/smoked malt. Both fermented with WLP380

Now I"m making a starter for a Wit beer - hope to brew one on Friday. My first one!

This section doesn't seem to

This section doesn't seem to have picked up where the Bondensatz forum left off, hopefully that will change with time.

I have finally got my new system up and running and brewed my first two batches, a pale ale and an IPA. The IPA will be kegged today. The Pale Ale was consumed last weekend (turned out more like an IPA). I added 25% to my hop bill due to the age of the hops (about 1 year old) but I think maybe they haven't lost much of there potency.

I want to brew a Kolsch for the first time, any tips, suggestions, recipes etc.


you are right - and koelschy

Hey Gargoyle, you are right that this has not seemed to pick up where Bodensatz left off - that's too bad. But let's hope it will pick up.

For your first time Koelsch-eh, check the section in the left bar on Bodensatz. Mash low - 149F-150F - and use a good neutral-to-slightly-fruity yeast - ferment low. I've used several of the standard Koelsch and Alt yeasts with great success, but have settled in on S-189 lager yeast which makes a good Koelsch-eh up to maybe 65F primary fermentation temp.

Hop to 30 IBU with a good noble German hop, and away you go. Tettnanger is my preference but just about any German hop will do.

Basement is still cool enough

Basement is still cool enough to ferment Pilsners quite well, so have been concentrating on those for the last few weeks. Once it warms up enough down there I'll be moving towards some ales.

On your 50/50 wheat/smoked malt brew, did you smoke your own malt or pick some up from G&P? I'm planning on smoking some of my own soon, just need to pickup some more wood.


Yeah, I'm always torn this

Yeah, I'm always torn this time of year between lagers and Hefes, because my basement is still cold enough, but I'm usually running out of beer if not completely out, so I need some quick beers to get stockpiles up. I am going to be doing 2 more batches this week so I think I'll do 1 lager, and 1 Wit - my first one!

I use the Weyermann Smoked malt from G&P. You'd never want to use 50% of the Scottish Peat Smoked malt they carry - I understand that is VERY strong stuff that you use sparingly.

Whoops, sorry for the

Whoops, sorry for the confusion but 'dude' and 'bushidoka' are both me :-)

Thanks for the clarification.

Thanks for the clarification. I did try smoking a couple pounds this weekend. We'll see how it turns out. Used oak as that is really all i have at the moment. I gather it should rest a couple weeks before using to mellow out the aromas. So we'll see what we end up with when I get a chance to brew with it. Smells pretty good so far.

Peated Malt

AFAIAC, you'd never want to use peated malt for anything other than rabbit food, and I don't even think they'd touch it. Learned my lesson there...