Breath of Fire - the Kundalini Djini

Wow, what an incredible Yoga class I had this morning! Quick recap - Kundalini Yoga is not so much about stretching as it is about breathing. And from mythology perhaps completely unrelated, a Djini is an air elemental. I liked the rhyme and thought it a clever play on words :-)

Kundalini Breath of Fire is sort of like a dog panting, and it gets done in combination with just about any posture. Here are a couple of Youtube links for those interested. The first one is a good instructional video. In the 2nd one the guy is topless so you get to see how you are supposed to pump the abdomen for Breath of Fire.

This morning we did quite a lot of Breath of Fire with different postures - probably twice the amount we'd done in any class yet. In one particular case we were sitting in "easy pose" with legs crossed, and arms straight up over our heads with palms together. We'd already done several other exercises with Breath of Fire by this point, and we were now doing 2 sets of this one, with a short breather in between. Part way through the second set I had an extraordinary experience that I have never had before. My entire body started to tingle in an extremely pleasant fashion. But moreover, an extremely quick (high frequency) vibration started to eminate from my abdomen - it felt like from my diaphram - and it caused my entire body from top to bottom to vibrate at this very high frequency. At first I became a bit frightened, but then I realised that there was not the slightest bit of discomfort associated with the phenomenon, and in fact it was overall rather pleasant. It also came to my realisation that maybe this was a good thing, since both Yoga and Aikido (and more recently, Quantum Physics) teach that the universe is made up of vibrations, and both Yoga and Aikido provide ways in which one can experience these vibrations.

The whole class this morning really got energy flowing through my body like nothing I've experienced before - not even previous Kundalini classes. It was extremely envigorating to say the least. I really have to start practising Breath of Fire on my own at home. Nonetheless, I consider this extremely good progress for 10 weeks, once a week. It is especially poignant when juxtaposed against the note I wrote yesterday about class last night, and how I got a compliment on how good my breathing was.

Go yoga!