My Aikido Test

Well, I took my test tonight. OK, 2 tests. I've been training for over 3 years at this dojo (1 year at the previous one) and have not chosen to test yet. My Sensei said I'm ready for 3rd kyu, but the head instructor said we'd first do 5th and 4th, and if that went well we'd do 3rd in Feb or March. So 5th and 4th it was tonight!

I wasn't nervous at all going into it, which was one of the reasons I haven't tested yet because I wanted to wait til I had better control of that. One of the goals of Aikido is afterall to gain control of our base instincts, so it seemed like a reasonable thing to do. But I did get nervous during the test and forgot a number of things. Nonetheless, the head instructor (whom I see very rarely since I'm a morning class person and he isn't) said I'm definitely ready for 3rd and he was actually tempted to spring a surprise 3rd kyu test on me tonight but thought it better to wait til the new year to give me a bit of time to polish it up.

My breathing was terrible. Afterwards I asked my Sensei if he liked my "big bad wolf waza" ("waza" is Japanese for "technique") (for all the huffing and puffing I was doing). But the kundilini yoga I've been taking the last 2 months is actually starting to pay dividends because it would have been a lot worse without that. I'm only doing 1 class a week but have now decided to to a 15 minute set at home every day, in between. Get me better prepared for 3rd kyu. Kundalini is "breathy yoga, not bendy yoga" as Melissa says :-) It has "Breath of Fire" which is a pretty cool breathing technique.

So I figure I get a month off from worrying about tests, then a month working on 3rd kyu, then I can sit back and relax a bit for a while on the stretch to 2nd.

I'll need it!