Seeking SLA/AGM large batteries

This is the reduce and re-use part of reduce, re-use, recycle.

I am an amateur radio operator, and I need a power supply for my radio gear. Rather than rely on the grid I am part of the growing number of amateurs that use battery power exclusively.

I have been told that you can get used SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) or AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries that are less than half way through their life but are being discarded or recycled because they are not suitable to more critical tasks.. namely wheelchair power and UPS power. A number of friends have been using used batteries that were deemed unfit for their original purpose, but which were fine for powering radios for as short as 2 years or as long as 5!

So... I am wondering if anyone knows of any network admins, or wheelchair users that are getting rid of batteries. I only really need one, preferably 40Ah (Ampere Hours) or better.

If I get a big enough battery, I will also be using it to power lighting in the house.. a 40Ah battery will run localized LED lighting for weeks on end!

If you want more info on battery technology, one of the best sites I have seen is

And if you have questions about LED lighting, Amateur ("Ham") radio, or my setup, please feel free to ask!

I have one

I have a big badass UPS at home that is no longer suited to being a UPS, and I've just been holding onto it not sure how to dispose of it.

If you want it, you can have it. Not sure how to tell if it is still good enough for your use.


Using an intelligent charger I was able to get the batteries to take a charge. As a bonus, I have a 12V power supply, and an inverter! Thanks!