Where to recycle rags?

I have some clothing to get rid of that is fit only as rags. I don't want to just throw it out... any suggestions of where to bring it in the Ottawa area?

Salvation Army

According to http://www.perc.ca/PEN/2005-10-11/s-charles2.html the Salvation Army in Ottawa will (or at leat used to) recycle unusable clothing and textiles that it receives through its donation boxes.
You can always call them to confirm.

Good question.

Hmmm, good question. Not sure.


If you have not already eliminated paper towel from your house, you can use this as an opportunity to do that. We keep a big bag of rags hanging in the basement stairwell for spills and other related things. Even cleaning the floors. Wiping counters. Etc. But you only need so much of that stuff and we're about at our limit, so any other used clothing would not go to this purpose in our house.

Check the green box rules because I seem to recall you can put natural fibres in there. Not sure about man-made ones.