Some people don't get "green"

Someone missed the boat on this one... today I got a magazine in my mail. It's called "greenlife" with sub-title "OTTAWA | living with conscience". The cover mentions (amongst other things) articles on saving water and the "Art of being green.

Inside there are ads for things like a sustainable restaurant that uses "slow food", an article on Water conservation, and in the back there's an "Eco Event Calendar". So I assume green is supposed to mean environmentally friendly.

OK, fine... despite the fact that it's printed on paper, at least it's 100% post consumer waste paper.

So what's my beef? Page 7, a half page ad for the Scottish and Irish store, advertising "British Foods: The largest selection of imported British Foods this side of the Atlantic"

Am I the only one who has a problem with this ad? To me, food is the last thing we should be importing! It would be different if we were talking Coconut or Banana here, but we're talking about British Food... please tell me what food is available in Britain that we could not make locally, or at least regionally, with ingredients that could also be procured locally, regionally, or if not so, then at least with a smaller carbon footprint than shipping it to England and then to us!



just saw it myself

I just saw the publication and ad in question - and yeah, it was really, really out of place! I don't think the publishers should have even accepted the ad

agreed completely

Greenwashing at its best. Or worst as the case may be :-(

I guess it's just me