Making Sauerkraut

Sauerkraut is incredibly easy to make - just chop the cabbage, add some non-iodized salt, and let it do its work. There is a bacterium which lives naturally on the cabbage, that begins to thrive in an environment which has the right salt concentration - 1/4 cup of pickling salt per 5 lbs of cabbage will do the trick nicely. As the bacterium grows and reproduces, it consumes carbohydrates in the cabbage and excretes a type of acid that is similar to household vinegar. This lowers the pH of the mixture, which in turn preserves it. In fact, when done properly, the sauerkraut need not even be canned - my grandfather, who was an immigrant from Ukraine, used to have a huge barrel of sauerkraut in the back porch, and used to scoop from it year round for his daily intake.


My New Sauerkraut Setup

Some changes to my setup - see this video for details

Sauerkraut Update

Here is a video update I just did

sauerkraut nutrition

I just heard on this radio show that fermented sauerkraut has twice the nutritional value of raw cabbage, thanks to nutrients produced by the bacteria as it ferments.