Bytown Beanery - Our New Coffee Business

I've been waiting for the right time to write about this here but there never seems to be one. One of the key reasons there has not been much activity on this site lately is that my wife and I have started up a new coffee roasting company called Bytown Beanery. Actually we had another name very briefly, but it ended up being way too similar to another local company, as we found out after-the-fact, so we wracked our brains for a week or two until we finally came up with a name that we like a lot better anyway.

If you live in Ottawa, our business model is that we custom roast for you. That is to say that if you ask for "a pound of whatever we have on hand", you'll get nothing, because we don't keep anything roasted on hand. The reason for this is that we want people to experience just how fantastic coffee is when it is freshly roasted, and we've been doing exactly that for the last month or so. You can click through to our website for more details.

Another thing we are doing differently than some of the other local micro roasters is that we are concentrating on only a couple of beans, mainly so that we can buy in large quantities so as to keep the price down for our customer. Other local micro roasters take the opposite approach and have a huge selection, but as a result are not able to offer the prices we do. Hey, I encourage you to go out and try those guys too because from what I hear they all make fantastic coffee. Just make sure you are getting it freshly roasted - I know that some of the local micro roasters are really pushing the freshly roasted too - and for good reason : as we say in our FAQ, it is the single biggest factor in brewing a spectacular cup of coffee.

So we encourage you to go on over to our coffee site and have a look. In addition to freshly roasted coffee we also sell the Aeropress Coffee Brewing System for what we believe is the best price in the city. You may also want to subscribe to Bytown Beanery's Youtube Channel since any coffee related videos will be going there instead of on our Urban Hippy channel.

Check it out. Buy the Beans. Enjoy some fantastic coffee!