Still have zucchini left after the relish? Zucchini bread!

At a zucchini every 2-3 days from our patch, we have been eating this bread for breakfast almost every day.

This recipe is adapted from the Bon Appétit cookbook, but makes two loaves instead of one and cuts down a bit on the sugar.

It is a bit lighter and crustier than typical zucchini bread. One loaf is good for four hungry people for breakfast.

Homemade Dandelion and Stinging Nettle BEER

Hello, I am new here and trying to 'fit-in' - lol I noticed a lot of beer mentioned?? I am a GUINESS beer drinker and leave the 'other' beers to ALL my other relatives (and most of my friends) but I am going to try a homemade recipe that is supposedly 3 or 4 hundred years old. I think it should be good for you too. I will post the ingredients here so anyone else can try it too. maybe we can compare at a later date (or hide in shame).It sounds good?!?

Beer on a Budget

I just got back from the LCBO - one of the government owned liquor stores here in Ontario. A buddy of mine was over earlier today to pick up some stuff I had for him, and he very generously pushed 10 bucks into my hand with a stern warning that it only be spent on beer. Being unemployed with a $0 budget for beer, I was very happy to take his money, and as soon as my wife awoke from her nap I went off to oblige him!

#2 son is only scared of bears and lions

I just overheard #2 son proclaim "I'm only scared of bears and lions. I'm made of meat, and lions eat meat!"


#2 has his Doppelganger over for a playdate this afternoon. After a mutually enthused meal of hotdogs followed by a dessert of cupcakes, I heard the following:

DG: “I like cupcakes with red icing.”

#2: “Me too.”

DG: “Your mom is so pretty.”

#2 [in a matter-of-fact tone of voice]: “I know.”

Things that warm my heart. ;)

Nortel Rots My Goat

So we got a bit of not-unexpected but definately unpleasant news this Friday past -- after 12 years, DH has finally been affected by the Nortel cuts and as-of-tomorrow will be unemployed.

We aren't entirely surprised -- though we didn't really expect his eviction from the sinking ship to happen so soon -- and have been preparing for this eventuality by securing our finances and strategizing "gap" plans until he finds a new position. And being the tinhatters that we are, we've been stockpiling dried and canned goods for months now -- we likely have 6mos worth of non-perishables stashed away in our basement and cupboards.


So much to say, such a short attention span:

  • Heading out to Ukiuk tomorrow night with Auntie H and the kids, maybe DH also. I saw it before the Jim Cuddy show and it was pretty fantastic. I want to show the kids so that I can explain that it was actually someone's *job* to work on something that awesome and inspiring.

Overheard at Bedtime

Those of you with 2 boys near the same age will probably know this scenario all too well. I'll just point out that these guys learn a disturbing number of off-colour words at school. A lot more than I did at age 5 or 7. Even though they've been taught the proper words, they usually prefer to use the ones their friends are using.

Overheard at bedtime:
#1: “My penis is bigger than your penis!”
#2: [pauses to mull this over] “So? My balls are bigger than yours.”


My Aikido Test

Well, I took my test tonight. OK, 2 tests. I've been training for over 3 years at this dojo (1 year at the previous one) and have not chosen to test yet. My Sensei said I'm ready for 3rd kyu, but the head instructor said we'd first do 5th and 4th, and if that went well we'd do 3rd in Feb or March. So 5th and 4th it was tonight!

Breath of Fire - the Kundalini Djini

Wow, what an incredible Yoga class I had this morning! Quick recap - Kundalini Yoga is not so much about stretching as it is about breathing. And from mythology perhaps completely unrelated, a Djini is an air elemental. I liked the rhyme and thought it a clever play on words :-)

Kundalini Breath of Fire is sort of like a dog panting, and it gets done in combination with just about any posture. Here are a couple of Youtube links for those interested. The first one is a good instructional video. In the 2nd one the guy is topless so you get to see how you are supposed to pump the abdomen for Breath of Fire.

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